How to Create a Facebook Trackable Referral Link Using Infusionsoft

This video demonstrates how to use a referral link inside a Facebook share link. Using this link in your emails will encourage your subscribers to share the link on their Facebook wall.

Every time they share it on their wall the link contains the referral link which will help you track clicks.

Post any questions below.

Code you need to put this link in your emails:

I didn’t mention this but you can also do it with Twitter also!

How to craft a message/link with twitter so people will tweet it and Infusionsoft will track it:

1. Create your twitter message for your email.

ex: How to Get Crazy Twitter Traffic – @jaredkimball

2. Use this url encoder and paste your message in the “Plain” text box.

3. Click “URLEncode” button.

It should look something like this when you’re finished:

4. Copy the “encoded” text and go back to your email message.

5. In the email use this at the beginning of the link url:

6. After the “status=” paste in your url encoded message

6. Select the text you want to link within the email.

ex: “Tweet this”

7. Paste in your full Twitter url with message.

8. Sit back and track all of your referral link clicks inside Infusionsoft as people click the link and share the message via your email broadcast.


Have questions? Post them below…

5 Responses to “How to Create a Facebook Trackable Referral Link Using Infusionsoft”

  • Abraham

    Absolutely genious!!!
    I wonder if this can also be used in the profile for fan pages as website adress but it will probably look ugly.

  • Hi Jared,

    I tested out using the referral links as tracking links last year.

    When I did that research what I found was that even if you set up a separate affiliate program, Infusion STILL overwrites any other cookies from any other affiliates for any of your affiliate programs.

    That means that if you use this method AND you run an affiliate program, you’re overwriting the cookies of your affiliates. Which then creates a real issue in Infusion on how to track anything without screwing over your affiliates.

    If you find a solution to this or if things have changed, I’d love to know because it’s a real issue.


    • Jared Kimball

      Wow! Thanks Marlon.

      I missed that. I’ll have to see if there’s a workaround.


  • Jared,

    Maybe Infusion has changed things but when we tested it last year, even if you set up a different affiliate program within infusion, those links STLL overwrote links from other affiliate programs within your Infusion app.

    That really doesn’t make sense to me but it appears that it’s 1 live, dominant cookie at a time.

    I’m not a programmer though, so maybe I missed an option or setting that would fix or change this.


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