What Neil Patel Can Teach Us About Authenticity

Be authentic…why not?

The persona of authenticity seems to be missing online sometimes.

But there are a few people who live it out, and everyday Neil Patel pushes the envelope of software and internet communities to accomplish authentic goals.

With over 126,000 Twitter followers and 45,000+ Facebook fans he’s setting the bar high for success and authenticity.

As a child he was surrounded by entrepreneurs who inspired him to reach for more in life. He always pushed himself beyond his comfort zone, and pursued the notion to get more out of life and to help others along the way.

Neil is the owner of a number of companies online that push for an authentic vibe with a strong following.

One of those companies is Crazy Egg and the other is KISSMetrics each providing software tools to help online companies gather data and make improvements to their sites.

What Does Authenticity Mean For You?


I don’t know about you but I’m sick of Wizard of Oz type trickery.

Why hide behind a curtain, and pretend to be some great and powerful master?

Be authentic and genuine instead.

In today’s economy you have to be willing to go against the grain and do something real.

People are craving “realness” and they need inspiration to propel them through their day. We should aim to help more people on a daily basis and expect nothing in return.

What’s wrong with giving to someone without expecting anything in return?


Why don’t we do it more often? Because, we get distracted in life and loose site of the bigger picture, and start focusing on ourselves. We all do it, but we can change that.

The more authentic we live the more we can help others along the way.

Authenticity Is Life Changingly Awesome!

We all have weaknesses…whether we want to admit it or not.

When weaknesses are exposed it’s a chance for us to take a good hard look at ourselves, and try to learn from them.

Instead most people try to hide their weaknesses and failures so they don’t look bad.

Why try to hide them? Why not try and learn from them instead?

That’s exactly what Neil Patel did his whole life!

Recognizing Weaknesses and Taking Them Head On Is Hard

In Neil Patel’s bio you can read about all of the crazy adventures, mistakes, and misfortunes that he faced throughout his life.

Mistakes like investments gone wrong, selling $1,600 vacuum cleaners door to door, janitorial adventures, launching a website to rival monster.com…that failed btw, and finally hiring ad companies and marketing companies that wasted his money before success happened.

Oh! Btw he did all of this before he reached the age of 18.

Discouraged, but willing to push through all of his mistakes and shortcomings he pressed on.

“Effort Only Fully Releases It’s Reward After A Person Refuses To Quit” – Napoleon Hill

These lessons taught him the value of perseverance and hard smart work.

After his failures and short comings he decided to teach himself marketing, which led to developing an amazing traffic getting course later in life that’s ridiculously under priced for everything you get from it. In addition to learning online marketing, he picked up  a few tidbits about Search Engines as well.

For one of his first college classes he took Speech 101. Was told that he could do his speech on any subject of his choosing, and decided to speak about how search engines worked.

After giving the speech he was approached by a company to help them build an online marketing strategy. Using his vacuum selling skills he worked up an agreement to consult them for $3500 per month (not bad for a first year college student).

Inspired by this opportunity he and his brother in law started an internet marketing company.

They quickly realized consulting sucked, but really enjoyed making software. There first project which still thrives today is Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg helped them realize the value of recurring income and propelled them to start their multi-million dollar software company KISSMetrics.

How You Can Use Authenticity To Succeed Too

Neil Patel acknowledged his mistakes and rose back up again to fight. Blow after blow.

You can do the same thing. You can push through the clutter and past failures.

Don’t allow your past to hold you down and trap you.

If you’ve hit a wall in your business or life lately, take courage and stand back up to fight.

You’re not out of the game, and the race isn’t finished yet.

I know you want to win. I know you can achieve more and help others along the way.

Take your mistakes and failures and use them as moments to improve upon.

If someone cheated you, don’t allow bitterness to take root.

Instead, embrace mercy and attempt to trust again.

Not everyone is a swindler or cheat.

Rise again. Lift your head up high. Prepare for the next blow, and prepare for the next.

The fight’s just beginning, and you can win if you never give in.

Never surrender.


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