How to Create Powerful Surveys With Infusionsoft

Getting feedback from customers can be difficult…they’re elusive or never seem to respond to your requests.

You can relate to this…right?

When have you been asked to fill out a survey from your car dealership, baker, or local restaurant and blew off the time investment to fill out a survey?

I’m not trying to give you a guilt trip or anything. I’m just saying surveys are important and they help out the businesses that are trying to serve you.

Let’s Get Down To Business…Shall We?

I’m not going to waste your time by writing about the importance of surveys and why you should or shouldn’t use them.

Just use them…plain, simple, goodness, understand?

Instead I’m going to just dive into how to set them up and maximize them for your business, just like the 2012 Ultimate Marketers Jim Cavale & Forrest Walden, Iron Tribe Fitness and some of the others nominees.

Video Transcribed Below:

Alright cool. Let’s uh create a cool little survey here.

What I did is went ahead and started and drew in the areas that our survey could get traffic from: our blog, our Facebook, our Twitter account.

Whatever kind of interaction we have. So to create this all I did was get in the campaign builder section. Right here inside marketing. That’s all I did and then clicked add campaign.

Since I’ve already created it let’s just click on it, and real quick I’ll just build out the skeleton layout. So the goal of this campaign is to get people to fill out a survey. So Goals are right here and these icons just help give you a visual representation they don’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be just only for newsletters. We’ll just change this to read “Survey”.

The part that matters is this icon here, which we’re building a web form survey. As you can see there are a selection of different type of methods you can use, but instead we’re just going to use this one.

So go ahead and click save and we’ll make the connection, so we can see what’s happening and how it’s all supposed to work.

After we add the survey we basically want our customers to go down one of two pathways, and we’ll create two different sequences here. Let’s make these kind of a little bit more organized looking.

We’ll connect them, and this will create a decision point, and the decision is going to be whether they are happy or unhappy. Easy enough right?

Now to just kind of build up on this let’s talk about the power of what we can do to follow up with them. If they’re unhappy you probably want to try and fix the situation, so the next goal after that would probably be to give them a phone call. I mean I know I would want to find how with “Hey man why are you unhappy and let’s try and resolve it.”

The icon we use on this one is “A note applied.” A note will basically show the user in Infusionsoft, “Hey! Give this person a call because they’re not happy.” We’ll build that a little bit later.

If they are happy we probably want to see if we can get a testimonial from them, so we’ll go ahead and use this same icon again and make the connection. We’ll change this to testimonial just like so.

Now we have a sequence where we have our customers fill out a survey, they tell us if they’er happy or not and then we get testimonials from our happy ones, and we give a phone call to our unhappy ones.

Let’s go ahead and start with the survey and build it out real quick.

When here the easiest way to ask questions on a survey without taking up your custom fields is to add radio buttons.

We’ll just create one here and ask, “Are you happy?” And we’ll type in “yes” or “no” and we’ll save it. we’ll just add another one for show, and this one can be something like “Test question” and it can be a yes or no, and let’s say we want to add a third one, “sort of” whatever works and then click on save.

The cool thing about radio buttons is it makes it easy for the customer or prospect to fill it out. They just select a box.

If you give them a field to fill out, then they have a hard time doing this. They have to think about, “OK I have to think about what I’m going to say, or what i’m going to write.”

The check boxes and radio buttons make it real easy, plus you don’t have to worry about taking up custom fields in Infusionsoft.

Just to pretty it up a bit let’s throw a divider here, on top of that one and in between the two questions, because it tends to put the bullet points together. And we’ll put one below so they’re all grouped together.

And we’ll adjust the layout real quick. See how all the label positions are on the left side of the form, I like to have all of the label position on top of the questions, so let’s just make them “above”. That way it look a little bit more uniform, and easy to comprehend.

Finally we’ll make the field width a little bit wider, so now we can see its wider. Alright cool! The basic survey is built.

We go to the Thank you Page and make sure you write something good on the thank you page. Don’t just be boring and say thanks for filling out our form Bob. They took time to give you feedback and as you know you are busy and they are busy. With them taking the time to give you feed back that’s a really big deal, because now you know whether they’re happy or not happy, and you know where they’re at based on all the questions you asked. This is a lot of information that you’re getting from this so thank them and really really thank them for that.

We’ll just mark this as ready up here at the top. Click on “Go Back to Campaign”.

Now that we’re back to our campaign we have a “decision”. The reason why I labeled them “Happy” or “Unhappy” first is because when you go to the decision icon which is this little black diamond. It easily tells you which way they are going to go.

If they are happy the options are going to be “Form submission” and we are using a form. Select that we then can choose our option. The option we are going to select is “Are you  happy? – Yes” so I select “Yes”. And then we’ll say that this option is selected. So whenever someone selects “Are you happy?” and they answer “Yes”. Then they are going to go in the “Happy” sequence. Make sense?

If they are “Unhappy” then we will go to “Form Submission” and we’ll select, “Are you happy? – No” and choose, “This is selected”.

You can also add other criteria as well. Just by clicking the little “plus” icon, the “minus” icon deletes them, and this “ellipsis” will give them an “Or” statement.  So if they select “Are you happy? – no”  OR select “Test question – No” that’s selected then we need to put them in the unhappy category.

Easy enough? That’s the way the decisions are built right now off of those radio buttons or off of tags. Keep that in mind currently.

As the new updates roll out there will be more features that will make these even better.

With the “Unhappy” sequence it would probably be a good idea to throw in a tag, hey they’re unhappy. It’s a good idea and another one would be to send them an email. That email would be a follow up that says, “Hey we would love to contact you.”

That email would prompt you that some one is going to give them a call, and we’ll mark that one as ready as well and go back to the campaign.

You’ll notice that when they’re marked ready they turn blue, but you have to go in and individually setup each email. The call for the person that owns that record we’ll setup is to call somebody. “Call this person”. We’ll just say, “They are unhappy so call them”.

Then we can say it’s from me, and the person we’re going to notify is me. You can pick anybody inside your Infusionsoft application and notify them that hey this is a note. When they first log into Infusionsoft they’ll have a notification of people that they’ll need to call on that day based on how you set that up.

If they’re happy we’ll do basically the same thing. We’ll tag them as happy customers and then we’ll send them an email that will have a link in it that will go to a form that will ask them for testimonials.

So it’s pretty basic and easy to understand. It’s just taking a normal survey and just taking the data why not utilize that data to the maximum.

Follow up with people that are happy and get testimonials from them, and if they’re not happy then give them a call and see what’s wrong and see what you can do to fix it.

This basically is the way the surveys work. Thanks for watching.



4 Responses to “How to Create Powerful Surveys With Infusionsoft”

  • Great video. Did you have some one transcribe it for you or you did it yourself? If someone is doing it for you I would love to get the contact.

    • Jared Kimball

      Hey Nidal,

      I transcribed it myself. I’m a pretty fast typer…so I figured I’d write it out myself instead of paying someone.

      I’m glad you liked it.


  • Jared, are you available for freelance work to build this for me if I gave you the written questions? There would be about 20 questions then a decision point and then 10 or so more questions either way. I’d like it to apply a survey tag upon submission plus one of two additional tags based on the decision point, then add to a follow-up sequence (I can write and program that, just need the form submission to run that action), as well as send me a “to call” notification. I’ve used Kwiksurveys in the past for stuff like this but it’s a pain getting the data into infusionsoft for automation and follow-up purposes…can a 50 question survey application be done in this manner?

    • Jared Kimball

      Hey Danny,

      I’ll email you.


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