My Honest Review Of PlusThis

Have you ever created a video and wanted to track how many of your customers watched it AND if they reached a certain point? Have you ever wanted to send an email appointment reminder that looked like it came from a real person? Ever setup a GoToWebinar meeting that allowed people to easily register...

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Step By Step: How To Get Email Addresses From Live Events

No matter how crazy these ideas may sound, believe me they work and the more effort you put into it the better results you’ll see. Step 1: Theme Your Team Most people who go to a trade show put a ton of effort and money into creating a cool looking booth, but just because you […] ...

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How to Create a Facebook Trackable Referral Link Using Infusionsoft

This video demonstrates how to use a referral link inside a Facebook share link. Using this link in your emails will encourage your subscribers to share the link on their Facebook wall. Every time they share it on their wall the link contains the referral link which will help you track clicks. Post ...

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What Neil Patel Can Teach Us About Authenticity

Be authentic…why not? The persona of authenticity seems to be missing online sometimes. But there are a few people who live it out, and everyday Neil Patel pushes the envelope of software and internet communities to accomplish authentic goals. With over 126,000 Twitter followers and 45,000+...

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How to Create Powerful Surveys With Infusionsoft

Getting feedback from customers can be difficult…they’re elusive or never seem to respond to your requests. You can relate to this…right? When have you been asked to fill out a survey from your car dealership, baker, or local restaurant and blew off the time investment to fill ou...

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